The Millennial Travel Trends 2017 – Here are some facts about the so-called millennials and why it is important to make sure that hotels and travel businesses can cater to their needs. They are the new wave of customers, born and raised in a digital era with specific demands, different from older, not so deeply used to technology, generations. 

Expedia has published a report revealing research findings on the millennials and invited interested parties to discuss it during the 2017 Millennial 20/20, a conference dedicated to the future of next generation commerce. Here are the important findings from Expedia’s study with regards to how and why the millennials travel, how they make their decisions and how they take advantage of technology for travel.

Who are they?

They are born between 1980 to 2000, it is the largest generation to date – 79 million

Who is the millennial traveler?

  • 86% travel to experience new culture.
  • 84% reported user generated content had some influence on what they buy more than ads
  • 69% regret not taking a last minute trip due to fear of missing out
  • 76% decided on a travel location based off recommendations from friends
  • 82% consider travel reviews important
  • 75% wish to travel abroad as much as possible

What are their travel habits?

  • 85% check multiple travel sites to make sure they get the best deal
  • 49% book travel on their phones and tablets
  • 74% search for travel related information on mobile devices

Where are they doing?

  • 60% pay for in-flight WiFi
  • 75% pay for premium services such as baggage tracking, temp luggage check, curtsied rental car pickup
  • 58% prefer full service hotels
  • 11% prefer owner-direct rental like Airbnb
  • 94% use Facebook
  • 66% post at least once a day updates during their stay

The Power of Loyalty

  • 75% will remain loyal to a hotel brand
  • 41% joined a loyalty program because it was easy to use
  • 68% are loyal to the program  where they have the most rewards accumulated such as cash/freebies, discounts, VIP upgrades, extra amenities

Marketing to the millennials

  • Mobile is very important
  • Travel related search queries grew by 43% on mobile since 2015
  • 86% experience disappointment  at the lack of good mobile responsiveness on websites
  • Businesses must put emphasis on mobile friendly technologies to capture millennial audience.
  • Businesses must be prepared to explore new ways to take advance of millennials’ spontaneity.