Seminar: Strategic Financial Management – IHGMA Bali Chapter proudly presents our premiere seminar all about playing financial chess and making strategic movement to win the battle.

Session 1:
✅ Role of Accounting and Finance Department
✅ Financial Management
✅ Accounting Management
✅ Operating Budget

Session 2:
✅ BEP (Break Even Point)
✅ Costing Method
✅ Financial Statement & Cost Center
✅ KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
✅ Taxation

Session 3:
✅ HOE (Hotel Operating Equipment)
✅ CAPEX (Capital Expenditures)
✅ Corporate Governance in Accounting
✅ Risk Management / Insurance Coverage

Be there or you’ll missed out a great interactive seminar by IHGMA Bali Chapter

Details of The Event:

Strategic Financial Management
Strategic Financial Management